Conference 2012


The aim of the conference entitled “Deliberation: values, processes, institutions” was to create a forum for the exchange of ideas and to integrate the knowledge from within and outside academia. We reflected on deliberation as a result of the interplay between civil society, public administration, social research and IT sector.

We welcomed proposals for presentations that brought into discussion the results of empirical studies and experiments and/or new approaches to real life problems, innovative techniques and tools for deliberation online and offline.

The streams of discussion were:

  • Evaluation criteria and the standards of public debate
  • Limits of deliberation
  • Experiment, social intervention and their results
  • Deliberative Poll® - cross country and culture perspective
  • Dialogue on energy choices & ecology – when global meets local
  • Innovations in democracy: what directions?
  • Online deliberation: IT opportunities and human barriers
  • Institutional support for deliberation


The Conference Programme is now available. Click here to download.


4th of June, 2012


Welcome by Anna Przybylska (Centre for Deliberation, IS UW)


Opening speech

Stephen Coleman (University of Leeds) Constructing the deliberative citizen


Panel: The evaluation criteria and the standards of public debate

Chair: Kees Brants (University of Amsterdam)

  • Mareike Gebhardt (University of Regensburg) On the impossibility of the public sphere. Political deliberation between dissent and consensus
  • Elżbieta Wesołowska (Warmia and Mazury University) Qualitative analysis of deliberation process in small groups - presentation of methodology
  • Marcin Zgiep (University of Warsaw) Assessing deliberative potential. Evaluative dimensions of discursive interaction in contemporary democracy


Coffee break


Roundtable discussion: The limits of deliberation

Host: Anna Przybylska (University of Warsaw)

  • Kees Brants (University of Amsterdam)
  • Marek Czyżewski (University of Lodz)
  • Paweł Śpiewak (University of Warsaw)
  • Jürg Steiner (University of Bern)




Panel: Experiment, social intervention and their results

Chair: Yves Sintomer (University Paris VIII)

  • Mauro Serapioni (Centre for Social Studies, Coimbra) Potentiality and limitations of deliberative approaches in the health sector. The Citizens’ Juries
  • Paweł Kuczyński (Polish Sociological Association) How potential conflicts perspective supports revitalization of urban public space. The good practice of OMDO at Warsaw
  • Jeremy Mann, Alice Siu (Stanford University) Deliberative Polling in Poland: Poznan deliberates on sports stadium use


Coffee break


Panel on Deliberative Poll® - cross country and culture perspective

Chair: James Fishkin (Stanford University) Discussant: Robert Luskin (University of Texas at Austin)

  • Pierangelo Isernia (University of Siena)
  • Gyorgy Lengyel (Corvinus University of Budapest)
  • Yana Papazova (the Centre for Liberal Strategies in Sofia)
  • Tatsuro Sakano (Tokyo Institute of Technology)


Coffee break


Panel: Dialogue on energy choices & ecology – when global meets local

Chair: Piotr Gliński (Polish Academy of Sciences)

  • Birgit Jaeger (Roskilde University) Citizen participation in deliberative global governance
  • Aviezer Tucker (University of Texas at Austin) The crisis in democratic technology assessment and deliberative democracy: An application to Poland’s hydraulic fracturing debate
  • Piotr Stankiewicz (Nicolaus Copernicus University) How to deal with the public? Strategies and attitudes of local decision makers in controversial investments in energy sector


5th of June, 2012


Opening speech

Claus Offe (Hertie School of Governance) Formation vs. aggregation of political preferences


Roundtable discussion: Innovations in democracy: what directions?

Host: Claus Offe (Hertie School of Governance)

  • Stephen Coleman (University of Leeds)
  • James Fishkin (Stanford University)
  • Robert Luskin (University of Texas at Austin)
  • Radosław Markowski (Polish Academy of Sciences)
  • Yves Sintomer (University of Paris VIII)


Coffee break


Panel: Online deliberation: IT opportunities and human barriers

Chair: Jerzy Tyszkiewicz (University of Warsaw)

  • Weiyu Zhang (National University of Singapore) Online deliberation: A proceduralist perspective
  • Michelle Reusch, Katarzyna Kowala-Stamm, Nina Schröter (Zebralog GmbH & Co KG) The patterns of non-participation. An analysis of the reasons for non-participation in online consultation processes
  • Marco Steenbergen (University of Zurich) André Bächtiger (University of Luzern) Information, deliberation, and direct democracy; evidence from the Swiss expulsion initiative




Panel: On institutional support for deliberation

Chair: Kazimierz Frieske (University of Warsaw)

  • Tamás Meszerics (Central European University, Budapest) Is deliberative democracy normatively superior to representative democracy? Public justifications and collective decisions
  • Fan Yang (Ecole Normale Supérieure de Cachan) The influences of public deliberations over the momentous juridical cases in China: Structural interactions among the judicial system, public opinions and the power system in New Media Age
  • John Gastil (Pennsylvania State University) The Oregon Citizens' Initiative Review: State legislative support for citizen legislators in initiative elections


Coffee break


Roundtable discussion: Deliberation as we would like to envisage: academia-public administration-ngo-s

Host: Anna Giza-Poleszczuk (University of Warsaw)

  • Ireneusz Krzemiński (University of Warsaw)
  • Karol Mojkowski (Association of Leaders of Local Civic Groups)
  • Henri Monceau (Government of Wallonia, Belgium)
  • Agata Wierny (City Hall in Czestochowa)


Closing speech


An edited volume of selected full papers will be published in English in Spring 2013.

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