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About the Centre for Deliberation

The Centre for Deliberation (CD) is an interdisciplinary scientific and research unit, where urgent practical problems regarding democratic communication and communication in democracy are addressed.

CD objectives include:

  • theoretical reflection and critical analysis of systemic solutions that constitute a framework for public debate, as well as the very course of communication in the institutions of power and between the authorities and citizens;
  • research in the field of innovation in democracy, including systemic solutions, communication mechanisms and tools, as well as their use in institutional practice;
  • interdisciplinary, cross-sectoral and international cooperation, exchange of knowledge and experience in the previously mentioned areas.

The impulse for the creation of the Centre for Deliberation was provided by the experimental implementation of a Deliberative Poll in Poznań.


The detailed research topics undertaken in CD include, among others:

  • norms of deliberation and their operationalization;
  • measurement and assessment of deliberativeness of communication processes;
  • attitudes towards norms and deliberative institutions; institutionalization of democratic innovation;
  • deliberative system;
  • institutions and mechanisms of deliberative democracy;
  • legal conditions of participation and deliberation;
  • linking the processes of participation and deliberation with the decision-making process;
  • IT design for participation and deliberation;
  • references to deliberation in public policies,
  • labor relations,
  • education;


  • dr hab. Anna Przybylska

Workers and employees

  • dr hab. Marta Bucholc
  • dr Agnieszka Jasiewicz-Betkiewicz
  • dr hab. Anna Kiersztyn
  • dr Paweł Poławski
  • dr hab. Przemysław Sadura

PhD students

  • Shin Mazur
  • Borys Tencer

Scientific Council

  • Prof. dr hab. Janusz Adamowski – Dean of the Faculty of Journalism and Political Science of the University of Warsaw
  • Prof. Kees Brants – the Amsterdam School of Communications Research, University of Amsterdam
  • Prof. Stephen Coleman – Director of the Center for Digital Citizenship, University of Leeds
  • Prof. James Fishkin – Dean of the Communications Department and Director of the Center for Deliberative Democracy, Stanford University
  • Prof. dr hab. Kazimierz Frieske – head of the Department of Social Problems and Social Planning, Institute of Sociology, University of Warsaw
  • Dr. hab. Anna Giza-Poleszczuk, prof. UW – Dean of the Faculty of Sociology of the University of Warsaw
  • Prof. dr hab. Hubert Izdebski – Director of the Institute of State and Law Sciences, Faculty of Law, University of Warsaw
  • Prof. Hanspeter Kriesi – Director of the National Center of Competence in Research – Challenges to Democracy in the 21st Century, University of Zurich
  • Prof. dr hab. Mirosława Marody – Head of the Department of Social Psychology, Faculty of Sociology, University of Warsaw
  • Dr. hab. Jerzy Tyszkiewicz, prof. UW – Institute of Computer Science UW